I’m in! How do we get started?

Just give me a call, or better yet, send me an email to let me know you’re committed.  I’ll send you a link to pay the $200 non-refundable deposit by check, PayPal, or Square. Once that is paid, I’ll send you the informational questionnaire and we’ll confirm a date that works for both of us.

What happens if it rains or blizzards or some life-changing event happens the day of our scheduled photo shoot?

That’s easy —we’ll reschedule! I want your photo shoot to be as amazing as possible so when circumstances such as crazy weather (hello, Central Oregon!) or even certain life events throw us a major curveball, we’ll work together to find a new date.

What if my pet gets sick?

Another easy one—we’ll reschedule. If there’s any way you can let me know as soon as you know something is amiss, that would be great. I also know that sometimes kids will be kids and life just happens.

Does my dog have to have to be on-leash?

Nope. It’s actually ideal if your pet can be off-leash because this will give us more options in they types of shots we can achieve. However, safety always comes first. Sometimes being on-leash is what we need to do for your pet. Part of the post-production process includes digital editing, so I can remove leashes in that process.

What do you mean by digital editing?

All three of these little hooligans were actually on-leash for this image.


And I had two assistants to help get this shot. We persevered and got the shot, then I used my high-level digital editing techniques and voilá! 

But didn’t you say it would be BEST to put in some time and effort into training and “homework” before the shoot?

Yes! Absolutely! It will pay dividends and will open up a world of possibilities for us to create your images if your pets can be more “themselves.” But if “being themselves” off-leash might injure them or others, then we’ll work with their unique personalities to ensure they are safe and comfortable. Our pets are each unique beings, after all. If your pet is a shy, reserved, stay-at-home type, or a crazy, ball-loving manic that will be in the next county if off-leash, we’ll figure it out.


This shot is of my own six Labradors! This is one shot, not a composite. This was all done OFF leash. No heads were swapped in Photoshop in the creation of this image. It took several tries, lots of praise and cookies, and my husband just out of frame repeating “STAY,” but this is what is possible if your pet has the skills and ability to maintain a position and look at the camera. Sometimes all we need are nano-seconds of brilliance.

Pretty COOL, huh?? I can get you those training articles and the phone number of my trainer here in Bend.  Believe me, it’s worth it to do a little “homework!”

Do location, time of day and weather really make that big of a difference?

They sure do! Here is a prime example: the image above and the one below were both taken at the very same location, only a few days apart, but totally different times of day and obviously different weather.



As you can see, even the same type of dog in the same location has a completely different tone and feeling from one to the other.

If all that’s so important, can you help me figure out what’s the best choice for me and my pet?

Absolutely! I have myriad possibilities of great outdoor locations. We can also check out your favorite park or local neighborhood to find a suitable spot for your photo shoot. Remember, this is tailored to you and your pets. Whether it’s shooting in your backyard, barn or even making a trip over to the Oregon coast, we’ll do what is best for you. The goal is to make amazing memories that will grace your walls for years to come. We’ll brainstorm together until we find the perfect fit for your beloved family member.

You want me to schedule my photo session at the extreme ends of the day. Why?

While we don’t have to schedule at sunrise (yes, that means getting to the location and setting up before that sun comes up!) or head out just before sunset, light is crucial in photography. We photographers tend to love what’s known as the “golden hours,” which happen just before the sun comes up and as it starts to drop towards the horizon. Time of year, length of days, and cloud cover all affect how this light shines (or doesn’t). Usually these are the times when the real magic happens and when it does, it’s just awesome! That said, I’ll always tailor your session to what best suits you, and most importantly your pet!

What if my dog’s personality is wild and crazy?

No worries! Some of my absolute favorite images of animals are action shots! I’ll pull out my long lens and we’ll throw the ball or play our own game of tag, let them take a swim, or whatever makes their silly little heart happy! This session is about capturing who they are. Often, after a while of getting out the zoomies, we’ll be able to have them settle in for a few quieter shots towards the end of the session.


We work with the spirit we have in front of us and I aim to capture that essence—serious or silly or whatever is in-between!

My pet has a favorite toy or blankie. May I bring it for our photo shoot?

Of course! Whether we incorporate it into our shots, use it as a reward to get the shot, or keep it as a safe place to hang out, your blankets, toys and other prized possessions can have a place at our shoot.

Will I be able to see samples before I place my order?

Yes! If we meet in person for your pre-session consultation, I’ll show you some samples at that time. If your pre-session consultation is over the phone, then please remind me and I can bring some samples to your photo shoot. Then when we get together for the “Big Reveal” viewing session, we’ll look at the final gallery of finished images that I have for you (approximately 30-40 for a full session). At that time, we’ll also play with my super cool software. That’s how I can show you samples of your images virtually hung on the walls of a room, so you can see how they will look. All this happens before you invest in your fine art wall pieces or make selections for your custom album!

Why can’t I just take my files to Walgreens or Costco to have them printed?

I take pride in the work that I do and work closely with my lab to ensure the most correct color calibration and provide you the highest quality archival fine art products, so that they last a lifetime. I am highly trained in this area, hold a B.A. degree in fine arts, and feel passionate about providing you with the highest quality products. There is simply no substitute for the high museum quality products that I can offer you today!


Printing at a non-professional lab, even if they look "fine" at the time of pickup, are lacking the quality required to stand the test of time. The last thing I would want to happen is for you to have prints of poor quality that will fade and yellow over time.

Unfortunately, no matter how long a time we get to share with them on this earth, our pets are never with us long enough. I truly want your images and the memories that we capture and create together to be keepsakes for you to treasure for years and years to come. I know personally the some of the prints I have of my very own pets from childhood are faded and cracked. While they do evoke a memory of my time with my beloved family member, I would honestly give anything to have the vibrancy of the life that I loved.

My wish for you is a treasured keepsake that will ensure the test of time. This is the reason that I retain control over the printing of all of your fine art products that you order from me. A custom pet portrait session is not only an investment for today, but for creating memorable artwork that will last for your lifetime. 

What about copyright? Can I post my images to social media?

I will provide you with a select few images that are resized and watermarked for you to share on social media.  I ask that you please only share those on social media.

I do retain sole and exclusive rights to the images that I create for you, which is explained in the contract you sign at booking. Just like the words written by an author in a book, or a painting created by an artist like Picasso, those are “intellectual property” that belong to the person who created them.

Also, certain fine art product packages come with various perks such as “sticky albums” that you can see on your phone and share socially!


How do I get a hold of you to start the process?

Christine Crosby
Sunlight Inspirations

P.O. Box 7456 Bend, Oregon 97708

Phone: 541-948-9249


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