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I have ALWAYS loved nature and animals and both are where I find a true sense of spiritual connection to something greater and more powerful than I.  Through wildlife photography expeditions and traveling on my own, I have been able to share these two loves and attempt to capture and create something lasting and meaningful from the experience. 

I feel mother nature is the true artist and I am happy to use my photography skills to hopefully capture what she has created.  When I travel to a remote or foreign location, (or even in the BLM land near my home) I have the opportunity to have an encounter with that place and the creatures that live within it. I usually come to LOVE the places I've been able to see.  My hope is that maybe by sharing some of these images you too will be inspired by them, as I have been.  Many of the incredible places and creatures on this planet are incredibly endangered and fragile.  I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to see them.  Already in my lifetime, I have seen some areas and environments and the species that depend on them drastically change or even disappear. This saddens me greatly. My hope in sharing my wildlife photography collection, is to share these beautiful creatures that have inspired and touched me in some way, and that in doing so, you may also be inspired! If we all can do even just a little to save one creature or corner of the planet, we all will be the better for it! 

The following are from my April 2011 trip to Costa Rica with Natural Exposures, Dan & Tanya Cox. Please enjoy scrolling down through them. Please use the link at the top of the page to go to my dedicated photography website!! Thank you!!