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"Sunlight's Spirit Guide"

On 07/29/12 Tali gave us this little bundle of joy.

His name is "Totem" and his AKC registered name is Sunlight's Spirit Guide

 9 weeks 11 months

Totem is learning from the big dogs so quickly and is keeping us on our toes!! He's such fun already and we're looking forward to watching him and his personality develop!! He is really turning into a handsome boy and he is SUCH a brave, "go get 'em" kind of personality. He loves his operant work and just marches into any situation with gusto. He is super fun to work with and hopefully will following in mama Tali's footsteps and become Christine's next agility prospect.

Classic Totem verve! A little more "stay" training was in order to better prep for this photo

Tootie and Ursa

"Sunlight's Mila Mae" and "Sunlight's Celestial Guardian"

Tootie and Ursa were born on 11/07/14 and are out of Tali's last litter. Sire is GCH Blackthorn's Hailstorm (Hail). Tootie is Paul's newest project and will hopefully become his next fishing and hunting buddy and work partner. Ursa (the Bear) is Christine's little lovebug and will make a wonderful therapy dog as she gets older!! She is quite the social butterfly!! Christine also plans to play with Ursa in Agility and she will undoubtedly become Christine's "wingman" in much the same way that our beloved Phoenix was for her. These girls are lots of fun and definitely are keeping us on our toes!! Ursa is the next breed prospect for Sunlight Labradors and if she passes all clearances, we'll plan to breed her sometime in 2015 or 2016.

Ursa looks JUST like her momma Tali at this age (5 months) in this photo!!