sunlight labradors

Sunlight Labradors

Our dogs excel in the competitive obedience, conformation, agility and rally rings, as well as being exceptional Delta Society Pet Partners, Search and Rescue dogs, members of the Narcotics and Drug Detection Team and service/assistance dogs, in addition to being wonderful hunting companions, hiking partners, babysitters, childhood confidantes and most importantly - - beloved family members.

Sunlight Labradors are currently working in a variety of settings, demonstrating the wonderful and versatile temperaments that we adore and strive so carefully to create! Our puppies (they will still be "puppies" when they are old and gray) are lovingly raised in our home (right in the dining room with Christine sleeping on a cot nearby). As they grow and get older they have access to a variety of stimulus on our 3 1/2 fenced acres with a newly built 4000 square foot training and kennel area. We also are within walking distance to 100's of miles of BLM land for hiking and snowshoeing almost out our back door and Bend is home to the Deschutes River and 100's of lakes on the Cascade Lakes Hwy. - - a true Labrador haven!! We only breed when we are ready to start another puppy for ourselves, so that's about once every 3-4 years or so. If you're interested in a puppy from us, please let us know so we can put you on our wait list or we can refer you to another breeder that might have a suitable puppy for you sooner.

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How it all started . . . .

My love of the Labrador breed originated with my first yellow girl, Harley. I had grown up with dogs since birth and had been exposed to top pedigrees, conformation and the competitive show jumping ring with horses since the age of seven, but Harley was my first Labrador. While Harley wouldn't have won ribbons in the ring, she continually won the hearts of all who met her. She definitely won mine and I have been "hooked" on the Labrador breed ever since.

After many years, life allowed my longtime dream of returning to the show ring and competition to blossom and I began showing my Labradors in conformation and obedience in 1996. Today, these along with Rally, agility and therapy work, are my passions and I find great joy in developing and challenging the strong relationship and bond I have with my canine friends in the competitive arena and in service to others. I am striving to work together with my dogs to put breed championship and top competition performance titles on them. Several of my dogs (and I) are certified as Delta Society Pet Partners, as well as with Therapy Dogs International. I am interested in the near future being able to combine my "other" passion of art therapy/transpersonal counseling with the dogs in working towards offering Animal Assisted Therapy to select clients as well. Most of all, I just LOVE living with this breed and these dogs, no matter what we're doing . . . lounging on the sofa, cuddled up at my feet while I'm working on the computer, hiking, swimming, snowshoeing . . . or training for other endeavors!  I appreciate your interest in Sunlight Labradors and welcome any questions you may have. I do better with email (since my TBI): sunlightlabs(at)

(or you can call at 541-948-9249 but it may take me a while to get back to you!)