sunlight labradors


We occasionally have an older puppy or adult dog here that is ready for placement into a new home. You may not "order" any puppies or dogs from us over the internet! (huge smile!) If you are interested in a Sunlight Labrador puppy or older dog, please contact Christine directly. Initial email contact is fine (sunlightlabs(at), but I must speak to you in person or over the phone before any contracts or reservations for dogs will be allowed to go to potential new homes. Thank you for your understanding.

We don't have any puppies or older dogs available at this time.  If you need a referral, please contact me and I'll do my best to try to help!

You may also check out our links page to find info on contacting Labrador breed club or AKC.

My best resource/referral (also found on the links page) is the Rose City Labrador Retriever Club. On their website at you will find breeder listings and a page with puppies/older dogs available. While I do belong to the club, I do not know all the members personally. Each member does however agree to abide by a Breeder Code of Ethics. Please check out my litters/puppies page to find a list of questions and expectations you should have for a reputable breeder (and them of you). Feel free to print this out for your reference.