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The Boys

At Sunlight Labradors, we strive to find the perfect match for our girls in terms of type, temperament, soundness, trainability and conformation.

With the advances in modern technology of artificial insemination and expedited shipping, we are able to breed with a stud anywhere in the country (or even the world) instead of feeling obligated to use one of our own boys here. This allows us to more carefully and selectively create a pairing/breeding we feel has the potential to best produce a litter which we are proud and committed to keeping a puppy from ourselves.

None of the studs (BELOW FLINT) on this page currently live with us here at Sunlight Labradors, but are with or have come from breeders whom we trust and have a tremendous respect for. All breeding pairs have clearances through CERF for eyes, OFA for hips and elbows and have been carefully selected to be free of hereditary defects or temperament issues. All are AKC registered and have performance and championship pedigrees.


aka Sunlight's Cerro Solo, CDX, CGC, TDI, multiple specialty HIT

Flint does live with us at Sunlight Labradors. We've had him since he turned 8 weeks old and he was bred here at Sunlight Labradors. Flint is neutered and not part of our breeding program but he is an outstanding obedience partner and all around good boy!

News Flash . . . LRC, Inc. Labrador Nationals 2013 . . . Flint receives Highest Scoring Dog from Regular Classes Breeder/Owner Handled!!

Flint received triple back to back HIGH IN TRIALS

at the RCLRC specialty July, 2011with a score of 198

and the PSLRA specialty August 6-7th to finish his AKC CD title from Novice B!!

He then went out and received another 3 first places

and one more HIT to finish his AKC CDX title from Open A in 2012.

We missed our specialty in 2013 and then came back in 2014 to again receive

back to back HIT's, with scores of 198.5 and 192 from Open B.

Since we won the perpetual trophy THREE times, it was retired permanently with us!!

This boy is SO fun to train!!

"Flint" Sunlight's Cerro Solo, CDX, CGC

DOB 03-05-08

(Ch. Blackthorn King of the Beech x Blackthorn Roxy, CGC)



Flint was a singleton puppy (the only one in his litter) so he is completely attached to Christine and just loves people in extra enthusiastic Labrador fashion! Flint is showing great potential for the obedience ring and Christine is hoping he'll be her first dog to train to a UDX, and possibly even an OTCH title! He's a total ham, such a mama's boy and what a flirt! He will be a fantastic therapy dog, but we're waiting to do that until he's finished with competition.  Flint loves to go hiking and camping. In true Labrador style, swimming and retrieving are his absolute passion in life and he does both with complete gusto! He also absolutely LOVES to train, which is SUCH a joy to work with!!!


Here are some of the "boys" who have contributed

to our breeding program and to our lines . . .

This cute yellow boy is GCH. Blackthorn's Hailstorm, WC . . .  

We have bred our Tali to Hail and are excitedly awaiting a litter of blacks and yellows due . . .

November 4, 2013!!


buoy stack BUOY

CH. Blackthorn Floats My Boat (Buoy) was bred to Pearlie with Blacks and yellow puppies born January 8, 2009. Both Buoy and Pearlie are Blacks carrying yellow factor. Buoy is Tali's dad. Click on name at right for clearances and pedigree (Buoy)

buoy head BUOY


"King" Blackthorn's King of the Beech "King" (Flint's dad)

(please click here KING to see his pedigree and clearances)


(Brier) (Brier)

BISS Ch. Valleywood's Blackthorn Brier "Brier" (Roxy and Pearlie's Sire)



BISS International/Am Ch. Shadow Hill's Smart Remarque "Gabby" (Iris' sire, Phoenix and Pearlie's grandsire)



Ch. Tabatha's Sport, WC "Sport" (Dharma's sire)



BISS Ch. Dickendall Daveron Gable "Clark" (Stella's sire, Dharma's grandsire)



BISS Ch. Beechcroft's Formal Attire "Tux" (Phoenix's sire)