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If you know me personally (or have read about me on these pages), you know I LOVE animals so it's only natural that some pieces would be inspired by my interactions with them. Polar Bears of the Arctic, Coastal Brown bears from Alaska, Penguins from Patagonia, and of course the dogs and the horses have inspired some of the designs!!

These animal inspired designs were a result mostly of my wildlife photography. Since my Traumatic Brain Injury, I can no longer "see" images in my imagination, so I began to use my wildlife photographs as a reference point with which to create some jewelry designs.

I have been SO inspired by the amazing and special animals I have been able to witness and photograph in their natural and in most situation EVER DECREASING environments that I have been inspired to create several animal designs of threatened species and to donate a part of the proceeds of any sales to conservation efforts to try to aid in education, decreasing loss of habitat, etc. One such example is my collaboration with Polar Bears International (PBI). I have 3 designs which can be found either from me or for purchase directly thru PBI at I also donate to the World Wildlife Fund, Marine Conservation and Bear & Wolf rescue and rehab facilities currently.

Please check back to see what's new as these designs are truly where my interest and creative energies are directed at the moment. Also, if you are on Facebook, please "like" my page as I am much better/faster at updating that page with new photos than I am here. Sunlight Inspirations on Facebook or click HERE to see ALL the current animal inspired designs in one easy place! Thanks!!


Fine Silver line drawn bear


(front profile)



Fine Silver Bear Pawprint Pendant


(this is the Large size. Smaller

matching earrings $40.00 or

small sized pendant $45.00

are also available)














Fine Silver Polar Bear Side Profile

Pendant with 4mm faceted Sapphire

(can be made with other colored gem-

stones or without gemstone on bail)


(proceeds go to benefit Polar Bears

International. For more info go to:


Fine Silver Brown Bear Portrait



(a 4mm gemstone may be added to

the bail of this piece. Please inquire)


Pure silver clay pendant with Horse

head motif and peridot and topaz





these are just a handful of the current animal inspired designs. I appreciate your patience. For ease in editing and uploading, ALL fine silver animal designs may be seen in one easy place by clicking HERE. Thank you!!!












The following designs are sterling (instead of fine silver) and are available locally thru Traci Banks at 541-728-8918 or tracibank(a) Traci also has some of my sterling dog pendants available as well. Please contact her directly.


Paw print earrings


Bone earrings


"Dawg" bowl earrings