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In October, 2011, my husband, Paul and I were involved in a near fatal car wreck that greatly impacted our lives and very possibly forever changes who we are from that day forward. Due to a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) suffered during the accident, I am not able to create types of images. I can not currently visualize any images in my head or access my once vast imagination. This has been a devastating blow and has been very challenging to adjust to, as "technicolor imagery" and my imagination were tools I used each and every day in my life prior to the accident and most evidently in my artwork.

While this lack of access to these particular parts of my brain and mind, having to re-learn new ways of thinking, processing information and going about in the world, and so forth has been strange and at times extremely daunting and frustrating, the blessings are that I still have a large limited edition of giclee and lithograph fine art prints of many of the images you find on these pages and in this "section" of my website. These images are available for purchase via email or phone orders. Please let me know if you are interested in purchase. I have print only, matted and/or framed options available and can ship. I do also have a few original pastels. They may be available for purchase to select buyers. You can see these images by scrolling below . . .

How these images were created . . .

I used soft pastel sticks of pure pigment drawn on a sanded pastelcard or board.  This gives a rich, velvety effect and density of color saturation. Large areas of color often appear painted, instead of drawn, due to this saturation of pigment and absence of defined line quality.  I then used my fingers to blend and blend the colors to further enhance the painterly quality and saturation of color.  By the time I finished a piece I was often covered in color myself and at times my fingers had the fingerprints "sanded" away by the tooth of the paper.  The imagery for these drawings came directly and fluidly from my imagination, often inspired by that magical child-like sense that I believe exists somewhere within us all, no matter what our age.

Original Pastels . . .

In Community    $900.00 framed

This image is one I started some time ago and set aside.  Admittedly I forgot about the image but then found it and loved the idea behind it and decided it needed to be completed. This is the final image and will soon be matted and framed.  The original image is approximately 23" x 27" so it will be a large finished piece.  I will be creating limited edition prints of this image as well. Especially in this trying time we seem to be in as a nation and as a world community, it seems ever important to remember that we all need to work together to grow a strong and vibrant place for us all to exist and thrive!
















Ode to Carbon    (NFS, print available)

This image was done in memory of my special girl Carbon and that total exuberance and joy with which she approached everything in her life. I will be having limited edition prints made of this image.














Smith Rocks    $500.00 framed

This is another image I had started and set aside to finish later.

Having my husband, Paul, as a resident rockhound continually

leaving new treasures in our front yard and my good friend Kris,

a talented watercolor artist who loves to paint "rocks" as my "booth

buddy" at juried shows this summer, I felt inspired to tackle and finish

this landscape scene inspired by a hike along the Crooked River

at Smith Rocks.  This will soon go to the framer's for matting and framing.

I will also be doing limited edition prints of this image.

















Waterfall Flight   $600.00 framed

This image is about rising above obstacles and finding creative solutions to situations that you can't necessarily see a defined route or clear options. This will soon be matted and framed and available as an original painting.
















Sorcia's Calling    $800.00 framed

I wasn't entirely certain what this image was "about" at first, but I am coming to understand that it has deep metaphor. This image's name comes from a character in one of my favorite movies.  I find there is tremendous power in nature, especially where mountains and water combine. This power is evident on a physical plane for certain, but I find for me it is also one of spiritual and emotional resonance as well. I see creative energies in this image in many ways. It will be matted and framed soon and available as an original pastel image. (I don't think I will be making prints of this image at this time, but am open if there is enough interest.)



















Wallowa Wildflowers    (NFS, print available)

This image has been framed with complimentary green and mauve/brown matting and a simple dark espresso wood frame.  Finished size is approximately 19 1/2" x 25 1/2"

Lotus and Dragonfly    $800.00 framed

This image has been framed with a teal inner and seafoam green outer

mat and espresso simple wood frame. The image size is 21 1/2 x 24 1/2

and the overall dimensions are roughly 27 x 35"


















(Custom piece)

This original image is 18" x 24" and was done as a custom piece for a lovely local couple and their dog.  It's the view from their home overlooking the river where bald eagles often fish.














Yellow Dog Inspiration $575.00 framed

this image is 12 x 18" in size and will be framed with complimentary double matting and a simple wood frame.  The finished size will be approx. 19 1/2 x 25 1/2".












for Lynda (custom)

drawing size 22 x 26 inches

Ode to Sharlie with Kites $425.00 framed

this image is 12 x 18" and will be framed using complimentary double mats and a simple wood frame. Approx finished size is 19 1/2 x 25 1/2".

Sea Wishes $800.00 framed

this image is 21 1/2 x 24 1/2 " in size and the framed size is approx. 28 x 32 "

Midnight Swing $925.00

this drawing is 22 x 26 inches and will be framed with double mats and simple wood framing













Purple Mountains Majesty $875.00 framed

This image is 21 1/2 x 24 1/2 inches image size.












Ode to Sharlie's Kind (sold)

images was 22 x 26" drawing size