sunlight artwork


In October, 2011, my husband, Paul and I were involved in a near fatal car wreck due to a wreckless driver. This event greatly impacted our lives and very possibly forever changed who we are from that day forward. Due to a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) suffered during the accident, I am not able to create many of the types of images That I did prior. I still cannot currently visualize any images in my head or access my once vast imagination. This has been a devastating blow and has been very challenging to adjust to, as "technicolor imagery" and my limitless imagination were tools I used each and every day in my life prior to the accident and most evidently in my artwork.

While this lack of access to these particular parts of my brain and mind, having to re-learn new ways of thinking & processing information, just relating and being about in the world, has been strange and at times extremely daunting and frustrating, there have been blessings along the way in relation to my artwork as well.

FIRST . . . I still have a large limited edition of giclee and lithograph fine art prints of many of the images you find on these pages and in this "section" of my website. These images are available for purchase via email or phone orders. Please let me know if you are interested in purchase. I have print only, matted and/or framed options available and can ship. I do also have a few original pastels. They may be available for purchase to select buyers.

SECONDLY . . . my jewelry is a creative expression that I am still able to do (though on a limited basis). Please check out the jewelry pages to find what offerings are available.

THRID . . . my photography has taken of exponentially since the accident. I am SO fortunate to have access to some means of creative expression and I hope you will check out and enjoy that medium as well.

Lastly, PLEASE ENJOY the artwork you find on this site.

How were the original images created?? (technique) . . .

I used soft pastel sticks of pure pigment drawn on a sanded pastelcard or board.  This gives a rich, velvety effect and density of color saturation. Large areas of color often appear painted, instead of drawn, due to this saturation of pigment and absence of defined line quality.  I then used my fingers to blend and blend the colors to further enhance the painterly quality and saturation of color.  By the time I finished a piece, I was most often covered in color myself. At times I could become so engrossed in a project that I would work tirelessly for double digits of hours at a time in the studio, often literally "sanding" of my fingerprints in the process (they come back in a few days!)  The imagery for my drawings came directly from my imagination, often inspired by that magical child-like sense that I believe exists somewhere within us all, no matter what our age.

The Beginning . . . .How my pastel images "came to be" . . .

The first pastel painting came to me one night so pronounced and with such a sense of urgency that I felt compelled to get up at 3:00 in the morning and go out to my studio to "give birth to it." I didn't realize what was happening at the time, but these images began to feel as if they were pouring out of me with a determination and life all their own. They truly had a quality of wanting to be "born."

Shortly after this first painting experience, I was working at an art therapy internship. I was working with Hospice patients and their families through the dying process and beyond into bereavement with the loved ones left in this world. A predominant theme during this work became attempting to answer such questions as, "where do you go when you leave your body?,""what happens when you die?", and so on. Through witnessing the bravery and courage I witnessed in my clients in attempting to answer these questions for themselves and their loved ones, I began to ponder these questions more consciously for myself. Through the art making process, I began to give vision and imagery to some of the answers that came to me.


My pastel images are pieces of my soul. Some are deep yearnings and wishes. These are the desires and feelings my heart longs for in the here and now -- a sense of freedom, whimsy, peace, serenity, calm, connection, communion, inspiration, a deep connection with the spiritual in LIFE. I believe that these images are not only my own heart's desire and soul's yearnings, but more universal ones as well. I wonder, if we we all to slow down enough to ponder the questions my clients and I queried in the last moments of their lives, HERE and NOW, if there might be similar yearnings for each of us? What life would we be living if we felt the freedom to expand into that inner knowing of what makes us resonate at the deepest level? I wonder, if we were to start truly living from that place, what life might look like for all of us? Where does your inspiration come from??